Attack the System: Interview with Sean Gabb

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Sean Gabb

Keith Preston interviews Dr. Sean Gabb. Topics include:

  • Libertarianism and its defining ethos as the right to be left alone;
  • The question of whether libertarian ideology is culturally specific to Anglo-Saxon civilization or universally applicable across cultural boundaries;
  • The State as a uniquely oppressive institution;
  • Dr. Gabb’s book, “Cultural Revolution, Culture War,” and the nature of the revolution that has transpired in the Western world in recent decades;
  • The origins of the ideology of political correctness;
  • The end game of PC as absolute power for the ruling elite;
  • How a lack of cultural cohesion prevents effective resistance to the all-powerful state;
  • Strategies for overturning the contemporary ruling class.

Dr. Sean Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance, a British free market and civil liberties think-tank. Sean Gabb joined the Libertarian Alliance in 1979. He graduated in History from the University of York in 1982. In 1998 he gained a PhD in Political and Intellectual History from the University of Middlesex. He became the Director of the Libertarian Alliance in 2006, shortly before the death of its founder Chris Tame.

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  1. Good interview. I can easily see a sort of revolutionary scenario in Britain where a cadre of paleolibertarians in the Libertarian Alliance and British NAs ally with UKIP, the right-wing nationalist parties, the various libertarian groups, and the various separatist strains in Britain to withdraw from the EU, devolve political power to the local level and destroy the institutions of political correctness, possibly with the BNP ruling what I think is the more conservative North and perhaps some of the more libertarian or anarchist strains of the left-wing groups in Britain (similar to the groups who led the general strikes in the Winter of Discontent) ruling over the more liberal and cosmopolitan South, with the other provinces being left to their own devices of course.

    And on the question of libertarianism and culture, I think writers here have been correct in predicting NA may take root better among Third World peasants than here in the West, I myself am enthusiastic about strains of anarcho-socialism/communism taking root in places like Africa, though perhaps not in its current Infoshop incarnation, perhaps melded with traditional African ideas. And capitalists have lent their voices to the debate too, what with the oppressiveness of African governments crushing small business opportunities and the potential for economic dynamism. The same could be true of course in Latin America or Southeast Asia or anywhere else. We could also steal plenty of ideas from Marxist Third-worldism.

  2. I enjoyed this interview a lot. I especially liked how you developed with Dr Gabb the concept of totalitarian humanitarianism and the modern Western state. It was also interesting to hear someone with both nationalist and libertarian ideas being that these are my own influences. And finally Dr Gabb’s thoughts on dismantling much of the state quickly was interesting. He mentioned how this might be done in a centralised state like the UK but I don’t believe it could be done in the same manner here in the US. Of course, should the system collapse then the state could be dismantled in such a manner in local areas or even whole states in revolutionary actions. But as long as the US Federal Government is able to exert power over the states I don’t see how it can be done.

  3. Keith, where is the thread of the Left-Libertarians attacking Gabb over immigration? I’d like to read through that to better understand where he’s coming from.

  4. I’m not aware of any thread of that type. There may have been some threads where I quoted Sean or linked to some of his stuff in my own battles with them. Is that what you’re thinking about?

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