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Full List of 57 House Republicans Who Voted Against Ukraine Aid

Would they have voted differently under a Republican administration? Are these folks antiwar or just anti-Biden? Will they still take this position if Trump returns?

By Newsweek

he House of Representatives passed a new $40 billion aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday as it continues to battle a Russian invasion and all votes against the measure came from Republicans.

The Democrat-led House approved the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act 2022 with bipartisan support by a vote of 368 to 57 and it now heads to the Senate.

The funding package includes $9 billion to restock U.S. equipment sent to Ukraine and $6 billion in in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funding, which allows the administration to buy weapons from contractors and then send them to Ukraine.


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  1. My man in Washington, Bobb Gibbs, made that list. And I am proud. Enough of this proxy war.

  2. I don’t like Republicans but Democrats have become so extreme, openly calling for nuclear war with Russia and grooming children to be sexually deviant, I’ll have to support a moderate, left-of-center Republican like Ron DeSantis.

    Otherwise Donald Trump is our only hope to stop World War III – even Celebrity Leftist Noam Chomsky has to admit that.

    Democrats have become radicalized by extremist propagandists like Keith Olberman and Joy Reid on MSNBC. Democrats only want to watch media that confirms their biases and these media corporations are getting their Democrat audience addicted to fear porn.

    It’s a shame as there used to be moderate Democrats in the past – moderate Democrats like Al Gore would now be considered “white supremacist transphobes” by the newly radical far-left Democrat party.

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