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The final numbers are coming in: Fauci a disaster

By Tom Woods

There are some numbers going around that the Faucis are going to want to ignore or explain away.

The excess death numbers among age groups less vulnerable to bad Covid outcomes are quite striking. It wasn’t Covid that killed these people. It was the alleged mitigation measures that did it.

These two charts tell the story (the source for the top one is page 23 of the Society of Actuaries Research Institute report):

Is Fauci going to concede anything at all?

Of course not:

“I’m not sure the lockdowns itself did it, and I’m wondering why you’re asking me about lockdowns because there were not complete lockdowns in this country,” Fauci said. “There were restrictions, obviously, but there were not lockdowns.”

That’s the latest one from the crazies: we didn’t really have lockdowns.

Real lockdowns were done by the Chinese, says Fauci.

“China is now going into a real lockdown. So I would disagree characterizing whatever went on during this country as a full lockdown.”

Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya shot back:

“It is shocking that Dr. Fauci remains blind to the strong scientific evidence that the lockdown approach that he championed has caused devastating harm to the poor, vulnerable, and working class. His only regret seems to be that we did not lock down hard enough like China did, where healthy residents have been force-quarantined, children separated from parents, pet dogs and cats killed, with no discernible effect on the spread of the disease.”

Do these sound like people deeply invested in your well-being?

You want these kinds of people educating your kids?

We need to build our own institutions.

So I have two links for you today.

One is to the self-taught, video-based K-12 Ron Paul Curriculum, which I had a hand in creating. Here is how to escape classroom propaganda, and also learn valuable skills no government school will teach (how to speak effectively, how to manage money, how to run a home business):

Second, the Exit and Build Land Summit II, organized by my old Ron Paul 2008 friend John Bush, is starting tomorrow, and the first two days can be viewed for free.

John has organized an impressive lineup of speakers (including Tom Woods Show guest Joel Salatin) who will teach us how to unplug from toxic and hostile institutions — and, for the especially ambitious, how to depart from the cities and build something freer in the country.

If you prefer to light a candle rather than curse the darkness, check it out:

Tom Woods

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