American Decline

The biggest threat to America now isn’t a coup

By Caroline Mimbs Nyce The Atlantic

One year ago, the siege began. Politicians and their staffers ran for cover as the Capitol effectively became a war zone.

When the haze cleared, we vowed not to forget. But the attack on American democracy did not end that day. A year later, it has only deepened: The Republican Party, supported by elites who’ve turned against democracy, has put the Big Lie and specious claims of voter fraud at the center of its platform. Now fewer than half of its voters accept the 2020 election results.

At The Atlantic, which has covered the crisis from the start, we devoted our latest issue, plus a slate of stories published today, to the continuing fallout.

Further reading: In his newsletter, David French offers a thought experiment: What if Vice President Mike Pence had said yes on January 6?

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