American Decline

Dick Cheney: Rebuilding a bridge across the partisan divide?

This just keeps on getting better. The neocons continue their multi-front strategy of forming an alliance with neoliberals and progressives while embedding themselves in Trumpism and forming their own parallel Trumpism without Trump (“national conservatism”).  They are also seeking to weaponize J6 as a pretext for increasing state repression.

On a somber day of remembrance at the U.S. Capitol, it was the most unlikely of receiving lines: Democrats lining the floor of the House, waiting for their chance to greet Dick Cheney.

Yet there he stood, the former Republican vice president that Democrats have fiercely opposed and frequently reviled, sharing warm moments after the House held a moment of silence to commemorate the deadly violence of one year ago in a building where he once served.

That Cheney was the catalyst for rare bonhomie between Republicans and Democrats was a clear measure of how far his party has veered from the traditional GOP orthodoxy into the decidedly unorthodox grip of former President Donald Trump.

Cheney and his daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. were the only two Republicans to attend a pro forma session of the House on the anniversary of last year’s riot at the Capitol. They sat together in the front row on the Republican side of the chamber as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked the U.S. Capitol Police for defending them on Jan. 6 and allowing Congress to “defeat the insurrection.”


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