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‘Taliban’ accounts mock USA and western culture with Pepe the Frog and other ‘edgy’ memes


If people had any doubt that 2021 could get even crazier, then it is safe to say that Qasr Bakhaly of the Taliban has safely dispelled any such notions. After the end of the 20 year US occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is mocking the United States with memes of Pepe the Frog and other memes.

Although the authenticity of the account could not be confirmed, its following and followers list does appear to suggest that the account does belong to a Taliban member. There also appears to be consensus among journalists on the social media platform that it is indeed a Taliban account.

The account posted a meme that showed a based Taliban Pepe. Rainbow flags pasted on the walls of the US Embassy were burning, which indicates their stance towards LGBT Rights. The meme also shows US citizens running helter-skelter to escape from the top of the roof while mocking the death of Afghan civilians who died after falling off a US aircraft after take off.


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