Billionaire hatches ambitious plan to create an entire new city in the US

This is obviously a mixed bag because it is reminiscent of the “company towns” of the industrial revolution but, big picture-wise, I believe this helps fuel the pan-secessionist strategic paradigm in the same way that CHAZ/CHOP was a step in the right direction from the other side of the economic, political, and cultural spectrum.

American entrepreneur Marc Lore has revealed an incredibly ambitious plan to create a new city from scratch in the United States. Named Telosa, the project is designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and, if built – which is by no means certain at this stage – would be located on an unoccupied site somewhere in the US, with the first residents moving in by 2030.
Lore, who is a former banker and successful businessman best known for selling his e-commerce site to Walmart for US$3.3 billion a few years ago, insists the city will not be utopian in nature, though his pitch does bring to mind earlier experiments in utopian cities by European settlers in the USA.

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