American Decline

Mars Ascendant

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right

By “Mars Ascendant,” I do not mean the little green men who pole their gondolas along the planet’s peaceful canals are about to invade and conquer earth. I refer to a different Mars, Mars the god of war. I think he is about to take a prominent place in the history of this country.

In most segments of the American right, I find a sense that a reckoning is coming. The enemy is cultural Marxism, the ideology that is driving hard to put an end to Americans’ freedom of thought and expression. Anyone accused of “racism, sexism, or homophobia” is to become an “unperson,” fired from their job, unemployable in their profession, thrown out of their school, unpublished, unmentionable. Their number includes everyone who voted for Donald Trump, anyone who does not prostrate himself before cultural Marxism’s “victim” groups, anybody who does not hate Western Culture, the Christian Religion, the white race, males, and straights. Last time I counted, that’s quite a number of people. Most of them know how to shoot.

The cause of our coming civil war will be cultural Marxism. But, as in many wars, the trigger may be something else. I have expected a financial collapse to be the trigger, a financial collapse proceeding from the Fed’s mad money creation. That still may be the case. But something new is showing on the political horizon, something likely to make many people on the right wonder if they have enough ammunition: a national mandate that everyone get a COVID-19 vaccine shot.


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