We should chop America up into 7 different countries. Seriously.

If pan-secessionist sympathies continue to grow (and I do not see America’s political divide ending any time in the foreseeable future), more and more articles like this will begin to appear in the press from all over the political and cultural spectrum, and floating different proposals of their own. At present, more than a third of Americans are casual sympathizers with pan-secessionism. When serious sympathizers reach a critical mass, and the number of casual sympathizers approaches the 50% mark, we will start to see pan-secessionism become a real concept that is taken seriously. It will likely be the American version of Brexit, though probably much more intense. Pan-secession will likely be a divisive public issue like abortion, gay rights, race relations, etc. But, interestingly, I expect virtually all political and cultural camps to be internally split over whether pan-secession is a good idea.

By Bonnie Kristian, The Week

The fantasy of the ‘United’ States is dead. It’s time to divide them.

Look, we had a good run.

Well, maybe “good” isn’t quite the right word … but certainly it’s been interesting. These United States were a grand experiment. But the experiment has gotten out of hand. It’s time to peacefully dissolve the union.

I know, I know. This is not what good Americans are supposed to suggest. “Four score and seven years ago” and all that. But to borrow a lesser-known phrase from that brief address, it seems to me we have tested whether this nation “can long endure,” and increasingly it is clear it cannot. It’s just not working. Do you really disagree? Do you like the way things are?

We are fresh off a midterm election which has guaranteed two years of gridlock and rancor. But the issues that animated this campaign season are in no sense resolved. David Brooks’ recent diagnosis of “two electorates” conducting entirely separate conversations and motivated by entirely different primal fears remains equally perceptive. Mutual partisan hatred is still nearly total. It is still the case that the sort of person who would attend a Trump rally and one who joined the Women’s March do not wish to share a country with each other.

They may not explicitly say so, but they do come very close. How else should we interpret, “If you don’t like it, leave,” or, “If [candidate] wins, I’m moving to Canada”? However unserious, these are basically expressions of a desire for separate nations.


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  1. The pan-secession strategy is just sitting there waiting for someone to take it up – you’d have no problem getting the conservatives on board and once they are on board the liberals will be happy to be able to drop them.

    It’s the United States – plural. There are 50 once sovereign states. Simply dissolve the federal government, or, more realistically, shrink it to irrelevance and allow each state to manage their own affairs.

    In practice you’d have regional alliances. But the structure is all there just waiting to be used.

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