Reflections on the Future of Anarchism

Much of the work that has been done here at Attack the System over the past 20 years has been oriented toward specifically attacking the American regime and the American-led unipolar order (the de facto world government we have had since at least 1991 and arguably since 1945). However, now that it appears that Pax Americana is fading (albeit slowly and gradually), and the American state is fragmenting,  we need to start thinking about how we would approach anarchist theory and strategy within the context of a “post-Pax Americana” where there is no single global hegemon but a multiplicity of regional powers. Similarly, we need to consider how we would approach anarchist politics in a “post-America” where the US has fractured into two or more de jour or de facto independent countries, where some regions have gun laws of the kind preferred by Lauren Boebert, and other regions have drug laws of the kind favored by Andrew Yang.

“Demanding the Impossible” by Peter Marshall provides a very good overview of a vast range of cultural, philosophical, religious, ethical, and historical traditions that feed into the anarchist paradigm, all of which we need to reclaim, and which can be expounded upon further still, in addition to new anarchist tendencies that are developing all the time. We need an anti-authoritarian philosophy/ideology that is much broader in scope and much more grounded in a vast range of historic traditions and cultures than what gets passed off as anarchism and libertarianism today. Stoicism, Bushido, Taoism, indigenous traditions, we need to reclaim all of it. Resistance to authority doesn’t being with Proudhon declaring himself an anarchist, and it doesn’t end with Judith Butler attacking heteronormativity. What I am interested in focusing on is what would be it be like if anarchism and adjacent philosophies, movements, and ideologies were the world’s largest political paradigm, the same way Christianity is the world’s largest religion.

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  1. Maybe you should be studying and considering what side you are going to be on when the hybrid civil war currently boiling over spills over into a shooting one.

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