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Reacting to Ana Kasparian’s DISGUSTING Anti-Homeless Rant on The Young Turks

The Young Turks are now literally and openly the mouthpiece of Jeffrey Katzenberg.  First they brown nose Madeleine Albright, now this.  This is what gets passed off as “leftism” nowadays.

Zac, Gavin & friend-of-the-show RJ react to Ana K’s latest embarrassing rant on TYT, as her co-host Cenk Uygur looks on silently.

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  1. Anna has turned into TYT’s version of F**ker KKKarlson, She attacks the poor and the unvaccinated without knowing why they are not vacccinated. She has become deplorable, Cenk should get rid of her. I have been watching TYT less and less. Need to cancel my membership.

  2. Bitch you must be out of your fucking mind and are mind fucked by the biggest griefter Detroit schools ran by Democrats last 20 years do your research you stupid cunt and us your mouth for what it’s good fuck sucking pole

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