Rudy Giuliani’s 5-step crime plan for Eric Adams: Devine

This is interesting. Eric Adams ran for mayor in large part on an Obamaesque “Vote for me. I’m the black guy” identitarian platform. But he is an ex-cop with neoliberal Clintonian sympathies. The system is clearly trying to make folks like him and Kamala into the new face of the police state (“police statists with brown faces”) as opposed to old Italian white dudes like Rudy Giuliani, even if they plan on using the same methods.

By Miranda Devine New York Post

Eric Adams won the Democratic primary for mayor because he was the only candidate promising to do something about New York City’s crime problem. It’s a big job, so here are five tips from the most successful law-and-order leader the city has ever had: Rudy Giuliani.

The former mayor says it breaks his heart walking around the city these days to see all his good work unravelling, 20 years after he left office.

“I was close to crying when I drove through Times Square the other day,” he says. Giuliani had returned to the city earlier this year from three months traveling around the country. “I was shocked at how the city had deteriorated . . . All of a sudden I saw graffiti everywhere.

Times Square was a symbol for me. [Back in 1994] I thought if I can change Times Square, I can change anything.”


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