Lawlessness in San Francisco Blamed on District Attorney Chesa Boudin

I actually agree with many of Boudin’s reforms. Overcriminalization is a decades-long problem in the US. He’s being blamed for what is symptomatic of a much, much larger problem. The problems that California is now having are the result of California becoming a Third World country with a Third World economy and levels of corruption. Homelessness and crime are rampant in every country that operates on that politico-economic model. If you look around the world (Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Philippines, etc.) every country that has the class system and politico-economic model that California now has and that the US as a whole is developing, the kinds of problems that we now see California concerning crime and homelessness are the norm. That’s just the way the world works. We’re moving toward a world where we have a transnational capitalist class of the super-rich, and where every country more or less has a Third World model economy and related living conditions for most people. And it’s going to get worse as the international capitalist attempts to restrict economic development in order to combat climate change. Whether Chesa Boudin’s policies are too lenient is a side issue. These are global problems.

By Katy Grimes California Globe

The San Francisco Marina Times has a story about a meth-addicted homeless vagrant who was caught on video surveillance in August burgling a commercial building in the Mission District. Members of the San Francisco Police Department recognized the guy and actually knew exactly where he camped.

It turns out the suspect’s tent was only 700 yards from the commercial building he had just burgled. When police caught up with him, he was not only wearing the same clothes he wore during the burglary, they found 26 grams of methamphetamine in his pockets.

Rather than immediately search the suspect’s tent, the officers prepared a search warrant whereby a San Francisco judge authorized that there was a high probability this suspect was the burglar,” the Marina Times reported. “Mission police officers used the judge’s approval to search the suspect’s tent and found items that the victim later confirmed were his.”

Normally one would say “good work SFPD,” but not SF DA Chesa Boudin. “Boudin’s office found the surveillance video was insufficient to identify the suspect.   Boudin’s attorneys deemed that because no DNA or fingerprints were found at the crime scene, they elected not to prosecute either the burglary or the methamphetamine crimes.”

Boudin is increasingly being blamed for legally dubious decisions such as this.


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