Confronted with the fact their policies are ruining US cities and killing thousands, Dems give the usual reply: ‘Shut up, racist!’

When the “Defund the Police” thing was heating up, I knew exactly what was going to happen. There would be a selective pullback of policing in poor communities and adjacent areas (but not in gated communities, affluent suburbs, wealthy business districts, government zones, etc.). Crime would then increase, leading to more calls for law and order, which would be followed by calls for “creating national standards” for policing, police training, etc. leading to the creation of a federalized or de facto federalized police force whose training includes indoctrination with “woke” ideology. Already, I am seeing all of this starting to unfold, including complaints about how the US has too many localized police departments (18,000 is the commonly quoted number) with insufficient training, and how we need “national standards” for policing or police training modeled on supposed progressive oases like Norway.

By Tony Cox, Russia Today

Don’t believe your lying eyes – the bullet holes, bloody shooting scenes and crying mothers. Don’t believe the stats or what the police say. The leaders of America’s big blue metropolises say there’s no crime surge on their patch.

And here’s one of the most predictable parts of the gaslighting: If you dare to say that violent crime is rising, and especially if you suggest that it’s scary and out of control, you’re a flaming racist. Of course. Might as well don the white hood.

That was the message on Sunday from Kate Chatfield, a senior director in San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office. “Husbands are ‘scared for their wives’ – your reminder that the ‘crime-surge’ crowd shares the same ideology as ‘The Birth of a Nation,’” said Chatfield, who has since taken her Twitter account into hiding. She was responding to a message by San Francisco native Michelle Tandler, who had said her friends were all considering leaving the city because of crime, which has caused parents to fear for their children and husbands to be “scared for their wives.”


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