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US must act before Haiti devolves into a disaster

This is reminiscent of Clintonism from the 90s. Of course, the neocon-influenced New York Post is calling for US intervention.

By Eric Farnsworth New York Post

The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has amplified the political knife’s edge on which Haiti has long perched. The United States and others in the international community will have to act quickly to keep the situation from spinning further out of control.

It is in our interest to do so. Crisis and instability in Haiti tend not to stay in the country. Previous crises have surged migration to neighboring countries including the United States. In the midst of the global COVID pandemic, in which Haiti has among the lowest vaccination rates across the Western Hemisphere, this is cause for concern.

Instability also breeds insecurity and a more permissive environment for drug trafficking and other illegal activities. This is always a difficult challenge even when the government is functioning properly; it has not been now for some time.


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