American Decline

Power shift: How America’s retreat is reshaping global affairs

We have to be wary of mainstream claims of “American retreat,” which is often just a propagandistic tactic of the “indispensable nation” type. But it does look like the tides have very slowly started to turn away from unipolarity and globalization, a process that has been accelerated by the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean that the US imperialists and global power elite are not trying to hold the line.

By Peter Ford, Christian Science Monitor

It has been nearly eight decades since President Franklin D. Roosevelt put an end to America’s era of isolationism, and stamped its irresistible influence upon the world.

And the world, while grumbling about it – often angrily – grew accustomed to that influence. U.S. leadership of the “free world,” and then virtually the entire globe after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was taken for granted.

But in three short years, President Donald Trump has thrown out all such expectations. He has turned his back on many of the international institutions that make the world run, most recently showing no interest in leading any global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Long before the outbreak, Mr. Trump had repeatedly shown his distaste for joining multilateral initiatives – on trade, on climate change, and on Iran’s nuclear program, for example.


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