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What life was like in ancient Greece: A 24-hour day from the lives of ancient Greeks

Greece High Definition

Philip Matijak is a professor at the University of Cambridge and an expert on ancient history. He has more than 20 books to his credit and has devoted particular attention to the history of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

From the temple guard and the slaves playing theater to the doctor examining, the Triarch inspecting his ship, and the angiographer starting a new work, the unknown life of the ancient Greeks vividly unfolds.

Also in its pages live the wrestling coach, the witch with her tricks, the fishmonger setting up his counter, the politician taking his lunch break, the runner traveling for Sparta and much more.

His narrative is set in the midst of the war that will end Athens’ golden age and puts us in touch with the average Athenian citizen. Even in that situation, the prominent men of the city and the officials do not cease to have daily worries and concerns to attend to.


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