No Kings, No Plutocrats

Most leftists are actually pretty weak on the state, from Noam “I’d like to see the power of the federal government increased” Chomsky downward. It’s like medieval peasants who thought the king was going to save them from the landlords. Most libertarians are terrible on capitalism: “The state shouldn’t exist but state-chartered corporations are wonderful.” Like classical liberals who hated the reactionary aristocrats but loved the East India Company (see John Stuart Mill).

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  1. “…from Noam “I’d like to see the power of the federal government increased” Chomsky downward.”

    While I’m certainly not saying that the US Constitution should be seen as the gold-standard as to what ought to be, we should ask the question:

    Does the US Constitution actually authorize the amount of Federal spending, for various purposes, that is currently being spent?
    I looked it up a few years ago, and in 1930 Federal spending was 1/30th that it was in 2015, after correction for inflation and the size of population.

    I attribute one big flaw to the 16th Amendment, which ostensibly authorizes the (“unapportioned”) collection of a Federal Income tax. The authors of that Amendment did not put in it any sort of limit. If they had included an explicit limitation of, say, “5%”, that would have dramatically limited the amount of tax that could be collected, and that would have prohibited the sort of unjustified Federal spending as has been occurring for many decades.

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