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Is Biden Making A HUGE Mistake In His First 100 Days?

Back to Obamaism. Boring, boring, boring…

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Joe Biden’s plans for his presidency including executive actions, coronavirus vaccine rollout, and immigration.

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  1. Joe Biden has made many “huge mistakes”. One mistake was to let the Democrats choose Hitlery Clinton over him: Historically, a VP of a ‘successful’ President has just about always been allowed to run on his party’s ticket as the next candidate/nominee. (he, and the Democrats, would have claimed that Obama was ‘successful’… Biden, had he run in 2016, would have had little of the scandal surrounding him that Hitlery had that year.
    Another mistake Biden made was, when deciding that the Democrats were going to run Hitlery, he engaged in bribery and fraud assisted by his son Hunter: Hunter was going to be the ‘bag-man’ for a $3 million bribe from Ukraine.
    Another mistake Joe Biden made was to threaten Ukraine with the loss of $1.8 billion in aid if they didn’t fire a specific prosecutor. He further compounded this mistake by admitting to this threatening on video, which everybody eventually saw, multiple times.
    Another mistake Joe Biden made was to run for President in 2019/2020, despite having engaged in that corruption.

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