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Tribal Authority

A pretty good assessment of the partisan/tribal “civil war” from Williamson, proving that even a neocon mouthpiece can be right twice a day.

By Kevin Williamson, National Review

In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, Bill Gates said he expects that there will be an ugly wave of increased coronavirus infections through the winter before the new vaccines are able to be widely distributed, and that this is likely to require more mandatory shutdowns, particularly of such hospitality businesses as restaurants and bars.

“Sadly appropriate,” he called such measures.

Bill Gates’s “sadly appropriate” isn’t exactly Joseph Stalin’s “one million deaths is a statistic,” but it struck some people, including a lot of people with talk-radio shows, as callous. Gates, cocooned by his billions as though sewn up in silk, is pretty far from a struggling bar owner in Milwaukee or a café proprietor in Conway, Ark., who has seen his business and personal finances ravaged by the effects of the coronavirus epidemic and the measures taken against it. It is peculiar that many of the same right-wing critics who say we shouldn’t trust Bill Gates because he is a billionaire also told us that we should trust Donald Trump because he is a billionaire.


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  1. Those EVIL RIGHTWINGERS are the delusional scum of the earth, there should be ABSOLUTELY NO shutdowns & no mandates so that these hideous deranged right-wing lunatics can drop like flies. We should just let them drop like flies. In addition, we should put (((Donald Trump))) the Zionist Tyrant & his despicable family in Gas Chambers where they belong while Joe Biden gets the Guilotine he deserves.

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