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How Donald Trump Rescued the “Blob”

This article begins by asking a really dumb question. Maintaining the empire is the purpose of foreign policy. Joe is the new CEO of Imperialism, Inc. It’s like asking why the CEO of McDonald’s hasn’t converted the chain into vegan restaurants.

By Blaise Malley, The American Conservative

Joe Biden has moved to the left on many issues. Why hasn’t he done the same on foreign policy?

“Joe Biden has the most progressive platform in history” was a familiar talking point in the last months before the election, both from Republicans trying to paint the Democratic nominee as a socialist controlled by the “radical left,” and from moderate Democrats who hoped to convince that skeptical left wing of the party to support him. While the President-elect has not endorsed some of the plans that more progressive Democrats would have liked him to—such as Medicare for All or the Green New Deal—many of his domestic stances represent a meaningful move to the left.

This has not been the case in his foreign policy. Judging by his rhetoric, advisors, and now nominees, Biden’s approach to national security places him at the center of current national discourse, sitting somewhere within the same space on the political spectrum as traditional, post-Cold War American Presidents.


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