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Where Did the New Mad Left Come From?

This article combines some of the usual right-wing howlers (like the Democrats and Antifa being on the same team, or the mayors of New York and Seattle being anarchists) with some actual insights, like the relationship between big tech and the rising sectors of the capitalist class and the cultural left, and the role of globalization in fostering this. “VD” Hanson is like a lot of other neocon house intellectuals. His serious scholarly work is often quite good, even if his opinion pieces are just neocon talking points.

Both right-wingers and left-wingers seem to have problems understanding their opponents’ variations. Democratic Party neoliberals are light years away from left-wing social democrats, who differ greatly from actual anti-capitalist socialists, who are by no means synonymous with Marxists, not all of whom are Leninists, who have considerable differences among themselves, and who are certainly not anarchists. It’s the same way liberals and leftists fail to recognize that anarchistic sovereign citizens are hardly the same thing as National Socialists, whose paganism is hardly compatible with the Christian Right.

By Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Bouts of extreme leftism are frequent in history. Plato’s Apology, Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, and Vladimir Lenin’s What Is to Be Done? — all offer us insight into the mind and methods of the hard Left.

America has experienced surges of mainstream anarchism, socialism, and communism, most profoundly during the late 19th century, amid the Great Depression, during the Soviet-American alliance of World War II and afterward, and in the 1960s. But rarely have these radical movements openly and without apologies made such inroads into and inside government and the establishment as during the past decade.


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  1. Those EVIL RIGHTWINGERS always LIE PERIOD, Keith Preston, & their narratives are clearly fabricated. I’m so grateful that we’re finally getting rid of (((Donald Trump))) the Zionist Tyrant for good riddance, but it’s such a shame that we’ll be getting Joe Biden, who’s just like Trump. ugh & besides, PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, cool dude

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