The US Electoral Nightmare Discredits Anti-Russian Rhetoric

The most dangerous form of rhetorical excess in US politics is not the standard hate rhetoric between Red/Blue tribal loyalists but the enmity that is directed toward two backwater but nuclear-armed provinces in global capitalism, Russia and China, and a nation that is actually under siege by the empire, Iran. The Red/Blue rivalry is actually a good thing but it indicates the ruling class is no longer able to use traditional jingoism or the traditional civil religion (state cult) as a means of self-legitimation and has to rely on playing different tribes against each other instead.

By Caleb Maupin

With the US election taking place on November 3rd, the eye of the global media shifted away from Alexei Navalny. Navalny is the favored “transparency” and “anti-corruption” activist of the United States and its allies. His unproven and unclear allegations about being poisoned are presented in the press as undisputed fact, and Russia is denounced as “undemocratic.” Navalny struts through Berlin with a police escort, being widely pointed to as smoking gun proof that Russia’s leadership is somehow illegitimate.

On November 3rd, the forces that rally around Navalny almost unanimously revealed themselves to be complete and utter hypocrites. These “democracy” activists piled no condemnation on the United States as it convened a Presidential election, despite a number of disturbing irregularities. In 18 different US States, monitors from the OSCE were denied access.

The conservative organization known as Judicial Watch reported that 353 counties in more than 29 states across the United States had voter registration rates above 100%, meaning that there were more people registered to vote than eligible voting residents.


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