L.A. County to Reassess Outdoor Dining Ban After Uproar from Celebrity Chefs and Restaurant Owners Reply

By Eric Todisco, People

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that L.A. County’s outdoor dining ban will be limited to three weeks as planned, and then must be reassessed by the health department before the ban can be extended.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant said that the county “acted arbitrarily” and “failed to perform the required risk-benefit analysis” when it banned outdoor dining beginning Nov. 25, according to ABC7 and KTLA.

California is currently under a state regional stay-at-home order, which also includes a ban on in-person dining, so L.A. County restaurants likely will not be able to offer outdoor dining until at least Dec. 27. But per Judge Chalfant’s new ruling, the county can only extend the ban beyond that “after conducting an appropriate risk-benefit analysis,” ABC7 reported.

Restaurants, as well as breweries, wineries and bars, have been limited to only takeout and delivery — a restriction that has not been in place in Los Angeles since May.


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