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From Racist, to Police. The Unrealized War on Free Speech

By Anthony Bernabei, Vanguard Sentinel

I once had a conversation with a young woman who said: ” The Constitution and it’s rights only apply to Americans”. This disregardful claim not only damages the perceived integrity of natural rights, which all men are born with, but displays a misunderstanding about how freedom is viewed in the eyes of the modern-free man.

The Declaration of Independence states clearly that, ” …all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”, and so when people believe that “rights” are simply a permission granted to them by their government, they have no anger or distaste in their souls when their rights are trampled on as well. The most dangerous thing about this defeatist belief is that if you think your rights were given to you, you’ll also believe they are so ambiguous that they can be taken away.

They cannot by definition. So I will continue this article with a comprehensive and basic understanding of where your rights “come from” or originate from in this matter.

All men were created by God. When they were created, and because they were created to live on this earth, with mouths to speak and minds to think, it occurs naturally that men must have permission to use these features.

You know, because God created you with these features and life, that surely he meant for you to use them and for you to peacefully live that life. For instance, let us assume for a moment that I surprise you with a new boat and dock it at the nearest dock by an ocean. I tell you that I am giving you this boat to sail the high seas – anywhere your heart desires. You turn the keys and set sail upon the horizon. A few days later, an even larger ship of people anchor near your boat and tell you that from now on, you are no longer allowed to sail West. The first infringement on your rights to sail anywhere your heart desires. A second ship comes and tells you that you may not sail anymore Eastward. Then another – Southern, and finally Northern. With all of your directions in gridlock and infringed on, you have nowhere left to sail. You are officially a slave to the seas.

You can begin to see how rights work in relation to being a creation of an all powerful and loving God. Disclaimer: if you don’t believe in God, you cannot believe in rights. This is because if all humans are simply the random byproduct of mindless matter, then you weren’t really created at all, and neither were your rights by necessity. Rights require a God. A God who created you with certain unalienable rights. God created mankind in Genesis to enjoy his creation and the world. Therefore, they have the authority to roam throughout the earth the same way God intended it for them. Freely. Remember? I gave you a free boat and expect you to use it?

Rights are not arbitrary either. For example, the right of women to do with their bodies as they please. God created women with an astounding reproductive system which they would use to procreate and bring life into, at that time, an empty world. A mouth to speak. A brain to think. A nose to smell. An earth to enjoy, and so on. He wanted all men and women to enjoy the world. Something they cannot do if they are aborted before they are born. You will notice that the sins committed by man are not evil by chance or arbitrary, they are evil or wrong, because they violate what is best for the survival of mankind. Man was made to survive on this earth forever. What about atheism and evolution you may ask? The problem with these worldviews is not that they are wrong in regards to survival. After all, in evolution and atheism, the goal IS to survive. The only difference is that the naturalist worldview (evolution and atheism) cannot give a reason to survive, rather, Christianity CAN offer an explanation. Their reason to survive, IS to survive. A circular reasoning fallacy. The Christian’s reason to survive is because he was, quite literally, designed and made to live forever with God, and to never die.

Less on the theological side of rights and back to the fundamental reason I am authoring this article.

In mid 2020, I decided to work towards getting my real estate license in Ohio. Through hard work, many late hours of studying and headaches, I took my real estate state test and passed. I met many new people, growing my network and shaking new hands. I really enjoy what I do, apart from the initial startup cost of becoming an agent which include, joining the local, the state, and the national association of Realtors. All of which require yearly membership cost to be a member of. If you aren’t a member of all three, your chances of securing a spot at a decent brokerage are cut severely. This is because the professionalism surrounding being able to title yourself legally as a “Realtor” is only attainable through joining these private organizations, and because most brokerages require you to be a Realtor to join them, you are left with only two options, either become and pay to be a Realtor or struggle to work in the real estate industry. This is how the industry has reasonably appeared to me. I finished all my work and became a Realtor.

  • This is where the main point of the article begins. If you haven’t read the above paragraphs, I invite you to read them for a deeper comprehension on what I am about to get into.

Imagine it is 2:30AM and you get a newsletter e-mail from work. You open it up expecting to see the same old rhetoric about a company policy or a meeting they had somewhere in a state you have never even been to. You go to the home-screen, and minutes later, forget the content of the e-mail anyways. Which reminds me, why do real estate agents buy such lavish cars when they might only impress people at a stoplight for 6 seconds? Anyways, not the e-mail I received.

I opened this e-mail expecting to close it in the same amount of time it took me to open it. Nope. I was surprised to see a cleverly written e-mail on the subject of hate-speech in the world of realtors and what righteous thing they planned on doing to eradicate it from the world at last!

I opened the article and read that the National Association of Realtors (NAR), had decided to vote on a new organization policy, ( a code of ethics in their wording), that would punish members for acts of hate-speech and discriminatory speech-behavior – in their personal lives as well as their work lives as a realtor. Now you may be wondering, what’s wrong with setting rules against hate-speech? I’ll tell you.

I am not nor have ever been an advocate of hate-speech. This is because the thing called “hate-speech” doesn’t exist. There is only speech. The same kind of speech protected by the first amendment to the Constitution. All speech except the kind that calls for the harm of innocent people. I am not advocating for the use of racist words or speech. I am not advocating for the deliverance of hurtful words and things. I am merely saying in the simplest form- when we decide to let other men control the avenue of our speech by their own standards, that this act of censorship is in fact more dangerous to the success and survival of liberty and man than hate-speech could ever be. In fact, there is good historical evidence to support the claim as well.

On the 30th of January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of the German Republic and all free speech was suspended. Then, upwards of 12 million Jews were killed. Mao became chairman of the Chinese Communist party and eliminated free-speech, then 70 million Chinese died. Joseph Stalin monitored free speech and potentially 30 million Russians died afterwards.

Would the British empire in America’s early years approve of our speech? Would they find it distasteful or hateful? Surely they would! They sent thousands of men to die on foreign soil to defeat us, nevertheless, freedom prevailed.

You might be thinking “yeah, but, is the NAR really the same thing as Nazi Germany or Communist China?”. The answer is, no. The NAR is not capable of such acts and lacks the authority to commit such atrocities, but their idea of punishing members either by fine or expulsion is just as deadly and evil as it was in these historical examples. The only difference between Hitler and Mao, and the NAR, is their ability to carry out such gruesome acts and they don’t have a standing army. Doesn’t that scare you? A private corporation in these great United States has decided that THEY will be the arbiter of truth and deem what they believe is hate-speech as hate-speech. A scary though for a young republican thinker such as myself. A welcoming though to anyone who seeks to burn down and loot cities for a free pair of Nikes or instant-pot cookers at Target.

A few days later, I received another e-mail from the NAR, apologizing for their racism. A common theme amongst corporations and organizations that seek to win the business of “oppressed” groups , and to gain the trust and recognition of “oppressed” millionaires who also believe America is a place of racism, but never cared before now. I will agree that we have had a racist past. I will agree that our country was almost destroyed because of it. I will agree that we were the first nation in history to seek out and destroy racism by means of Civil War. I will agree that racism was eradicated in our very Constitution. I will agree that after this amendment, racism continued to creep throughout the veins of our nation.

Do I believe racism exist today? Yes. It does. But America is not a place of organized or systemic racism. It is a place for opportunity and growth and virtue. All men and women who seek to harvest the fruits of liberty are free to pick them here. The only laughable thing is when the people with all the fruit say there is not enough to go around. When the people with all the fruit pick all of the fruit off the trees for themselves. When the people who have all the fruit tell the people with no fruit that the reason they have no fruit it’s because they are “unable” to pick it or aren’t capable of picking it, or someone else has picked all of the fruit already. This is a dangerous lie, common amongst the left. They use the lie of systemic racism to ensure the obedience and to maintain the integrity of localized racism and racist political policies in major democratic cities. They side with celebrities who have millions upon millions of dollars. The same celebrities who are a part of the so-called oppressed minorities and then turn around and say, we are oppressed, there is no way to get rich here. All the fruit has been picked or stolen. And somehow, someway the people in these oppressed groups believe these lies. Not all of them however, some have awakened themselves through knowledge of the goodness of America and by the grace of God have seen the lies through the light and have realize that America is not only the greatest Country in the world. Not only is America the freest country in the world. America is the least racist country in the world. Were black men of minorities can grow up to be billionaire celebrities, actors, athletes. Is this racist? If it is, I will discredit everything I’ve ever said that’s true.

Now that you understand the apology submitted by the NAR to the public for their “racism”, you will begin to understand the hypocrisy in this next section. The NAR actually was an incredibly racist organization. Now they seek to police free men on their free speech and their every day lives. The same organization that fought so violently against the civil rights act, practiced redlining and steering, and denied membership to individuals based off their sex and race, have decided now with a mere apology, that they will be the police of hate speech and they will punish those who commit what they believe is hate speech. The biggest problem I have with this is that the same people who proclaimed racism and practiced it have now decided that they are now worthy of such an endeavor, as to police and monitor the speech of free men, without the authority granted to them by the same, sovereign, free men.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, rights are not given to men, they are born with them. This means that they cannot be taken away. Ever. The only thing that can be done is that they are restricted by force , what we commonly refer to as “an infringement.” The thing is, infringements do not mean your rights stop existing, it only means they can’t be carried out correctly.

Why is it that when you walk into Walmart or another big box store they cannot force you to become a Christian or Muslim? Or when you walk into a Home Depot, they cannot infringe on your free speech? Why is it that when you get a cell phone service, the carrier does not require you to give up your right to a speedy and fair trial? Why is it that THIS private organization can limit your free speech all of a sudden? As hateful as some speech can be, when we grant other men who are just as capable of having these hateful thoughts the ability to censor our speech and punish us for it, we haven’t solved the problem, we’ve simply created a bigger one. Especially when the organization has actually had a very racist history. This logic is similar to allowing a bank robber in prison to be the head manager at a large bank. This logic is similar to allowing someone with anorexia to be your fitness coach. It is also similar to allow it British petroleum, who is responsible for dumping millions of gallons of crude oil into our beautiful oceans, to start making environmental policy. It doesn’t make sense does it?

As I wrap this article up, if you have not taken anything from this except for unexpected turns and confusion, let me punctuate with this. I will not let my speech be censored by men in suits when men in camouflage have died to secure this right. This sacred right. This God-given privilege. Men cannot be trusted with each other‘s rights and that is why each man has their own, to do with which whatever they please, so long as it does not harm another man, for this is not what God intended our rights to be used for. If he did, he would have created us with swords in hand and the ability to breathe fire. Real fire, not just words that hurt other peoples feelings. We are better than these men. And if you seek to remove someone from your organization, you should simply remove them individually, by vote. The same way we do in our democracy in this great republic. Not simply leave the decision up to a few men where trust lies uncertain. If this article fails to convince you then I’m afraid you will be convinced eventually, when all companies and organizations have their own standards for the way you live your life so much so that there is no escaping their grips. Every store you visit, every place you go, there waiting will be constant policing and despotism with such a heavy presence that you never live one minute of your day free. You’ve been leashed on all sides. Then you will finally realize that talking politics at the dinner table or at work or at school was never such a bad thing. That your cowardice towards discussing politics or religion with the people you claim to love, while the enemy of freedom is surely somewhere conspiring, in an endeavor to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, you forgot to notice the ball and chain being locked to your foot.

I am not saying that the words of some men are good. I am not saying that they should use these kinds of hurtful words. I am saying that censoring their speech will do nothing but make the problems of hatred in our world worse. The thing is, when you censor someone’s words, the hateful thoughts in their minds only multiply and manifest into actions, and that is something you can never sensor. I say, let men speak freely and reap the fruits of their labor whether they be ripe, or rotten. The rain falls on the righteous and the wicked. So let it be with their speech. Work harder, love more, enjoy life. I can tell you with the upmost certainty, duck taping someone’s mouth and scaring them into punishment will only make them more angry, and there is enough anger in this world. Society needs relief valves for the hardships men endure every day. If that means you got called a mean name on Facebook or YouTube, I say be thankful you have the freedom to be called those mean names, as hurtful as they may be. The rain may fall on the righteous and wicked, but so do rays of sunlight. What good are your freedoms in this world when you won’t lift a finger to defend them? At least defend them for your children! Real man die on their feet, cowards die on their knees. Know well what puts you forward, and what holds you back. And finally, speak freely, speak with conviction and truth, and never be scared of the consequences of being a free man. The life of an unfree man is unimaginably worse.

All men are created equal and they can’t take that away.

Come and get it.

— Anthony Bernabei

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