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How Progressives Can Push Biden Further Left

Krystal and Saager totally lose me with their affirmation of Richard Wolff’s praise for China’s response to COVID-19. China is a test market for the kinds of state repression global and US national elites want to bring to the West. Unfortunately, if you scratch a right-wing populist like Saager, you often find a national socialist underneath. And if you scratch a social democrat like Krystal, you often find a Marxist underneath. They make for great journalists, but crummy ideologues.

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti look back at their favorite interviews from the week including Host of the Kyle Kulinski Show, Kyle Kulinksi on how progressives can push Joe Biden further left on policy. The speak with Economics Professor, Richard Wolff, on America’s approach to handling Covid and Host of the Bad Faith Podcast, Briahana Joy Gray discusses how climate activists can combat the Biden administration’s appointment of Cedric Richmond.

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  1. None of what you said above surprises me especially the part about wolfe praising China’s response. What’s even funnier and more ironic is that in a way china version of corporatism is much worse in many ways that traditional Marxists and progressives ought to oppose if they really believe in civil liberties and profits over people. China is in a way Disneyland with a dictatorship 4.0. Id be surprised if one could set up a labor union or workers co-op in the various factories over there.

    I say this because at times its unclear what the theoretical left wants like richard wolfe when he debates david friedman. Wolfe claims he wants workplace democracy which to me is much closer to what occurs in small businesses in the US and western Europe who have been crushed by the shutdown compared to the megacorps of china and the US\europe who has seen there shares rise in value. Interestingly, Hans Hoppes PFS soceity has had a guest which praised the CCCP as monarcho-capitalism saying the CCCP is in a way a night watchman state who so long as you focus on commerce it will leave you alone and the very fact that its not a democracy rather a private state owned by the party elites it can grow its economy faster. I am unsure at times what wolfe wants other then a police state in the name of science and the “public good.”

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