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Fox AOC Bashing Accidentally Makes Her Look Amazing

One of the worst things about mainstream “conservatives” is that they give criticism of “big government” or “statism” a bad name. The US energy sector functions on the standard state-capitalist crony-capitalist corporate-welfarist model. Proponents of the “Green New Deal” merely want to shift its focus away from fossil fuels to “alternative” energy. Proponents of “Medicare for All” merely want to shift the model of state-capitalist healthcare away from monopoly insurance companies and professional guilds toward the public sector bureaucracy and healthcare delivery cartels, with the costs being passed on to taxpayers generally rather than employers or individual insurance premium payers. Proponents of “free college” merely want to continue the corporate-educationist corporate-welfare model, only shifting the costs onto taxpayers generally rather than individual tuition and/or student loan debt payers. Proponents of the UBI just want to distribute welfare payments directly to recipients rather than through government bureaucracies like food stamps, TANF, or section 8 vouchers. The idea that Bernie, AOC, etc. are any more “statist” than the ordinary defense contractor-loving Republican is ridiculous.

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