American Decline

Dark Clouds of Uncertainty Hover over the American Society

This is an absolute must-read.

By Randi Nord

The United States is in for some dark times and I find it hard to be optimistic right now. Over the past four years, neoconservative and neoliberal factions of the ruling class previously at odds (at least publicly) have put aside their subtle differences to form a united front against Trump.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans view both Trump’s right-wing populism and Bernie Sanders’s left-wing populism as threats to their globalist trade, the surveillance state, and imperialist ambitions.
Bernie Sanders was the most popular Democratic candidate in decades because he offered things the working class needs like healthcare, higher education, a living wage, etc. Instead of embracing aspects of Sander’s platform, Democrats actively chose to move in the opposite direction by embracing anti-Trump Republicans — and it worked.
This united front now preparing to take power includes notorious neocons and war criminals like Dick Cheney, Jeff Flake, John Kasich, John McCain’s family, and Collin Powell among many others. But that’s not all. Intelligence organizations such as the FBI, CIA, and DHS have also joined establishment Democrats and Republicans against Trump. Nearly 300 members of the intelligence community penned a joint statement of support for Biden during his candidacy.
While people rightfully rejected Trump’s far-right rhetoric, they fail to acknowledge the fascist superpower forming right before our eyes under a Biden-Harris administration.

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