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Equality, the *Original* Original Sin

My take on the question of “equality” is the same as Benjamin Tucker’s, i.e. “equal liberty” rather than “equality” per se. The problem with the Lockean-Jeffersonian liberal view of “equality” or “liberty” is that it was applied only to certain classes, races, religions, or genders rather than everyone. The problem with the progressive-leftist view of equality is that it posits “sameness” rather than liberty per se. This article by Bill Lind is interesting because it reflects a traditional “throne and altar” type of conservatism (like Joseph De Maistre) which is, for obvious reasons, increasingl rare in modernity. Another interesting modern writer in this genre is Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

William S. Lind, Traditional Right

If it seems that demands for “equality” lie at the heart of most of the troubles now facing our country, well, they do.  Equality is the ideal demand from those whose goal is our destruction because it cannot be met, no matter how hard we may try.  If there is one thing people are not it is equal.  We differ in so many ways that only iron tyranny, like that of Stalin, can create even an appearance of equality.  And in Stalin’s Soviet Union, some comrades were still more equal than others.  Stalin did not go hungry because millions of Ukrainians were starving.


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  1. If you read Ricardo Duchesne’s “Uniqueness of Western Civilization” he traces the ‘libertarian’ egalitarianism in America and the west more generally to a not-centralized aristocratic warrior tradtion going back thousands of years. Simply put, Europeans are more likely to buck social trends and kill their own fathers over a point of pride than any other race out there. Whether it’s genetic or not is pretty much irrelevant, it’s an endemic cultural feature that can’t be ‘transplanted’ or imposed willfully onto other cultures. I think this is why they want to feminize and castrate white men – because they hate people that not only think for themselves but are willing to fight back without anyone’s permission.

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