American Decline

Idiocracy Is Here

From a post on social media:

“The issue of war is mostly a non-issue for most voters these days. I even talked to one guy on here who rabidly hates Trump and when I brought up the issue of neoconservative/neoliberal warmongering, his answer was basically “what’s with your hang-up over wars?” Lol I have also noticed that Biden voters especially are against the idea that the problems with the US government isn’t solely Trump’s fault, but rather a structural one. I’ve been called irresponsible, a Russian tool, and a defeatist for even considering such an idea. One of the most frightening things in this country is the amount of ignorance amongst the US populace. The lack of education, the inability to see political events and policies in a larger historical context, and the fact that each individual lives insulated in their own political bubble with a complete lack of awareness of differing perspectives is a bigger problem than whatever administration is supposedly running the country.”

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