The Case Against Trump: Donald Trump Is an Enemy of Freedom

This has got to be the lamest critique of Trump that I have seen to date. It’s mostly just Koch talking points (not surprising, considering the source). I could come up with an infintely superior anti-Trump piece. Saudi Arabia, anyone?

By Matt Welch, Reason

We do not view Lyndon Johnson’s presidency through the lens of the Texan’s legendary vulgarity; the Great Society and Vietnam War loom much larger on his scorecard. Nor do we judge George Washington’s generalship by the Continental Army’s autumn 1776 squandering of New York—every leader of consequence has bad days or weeks in the face of unprecedented challenge.

So before assessing Donald Trump’s worthiness to receive a second term, let us set aside the two cudgels wielded most often by his media and Democratic tormentors: the 45th president’s polarizing personality, and his administration’s scattershot response to a once-in-a-century pandemic.


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