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How the USA Will Become a One-Party State

By Keith Preston

A book published a couple of years ago, which is reviewed by the Guardian below, outlines the structural methods the Democrats will eventually use to create a de facto one-party state as they continue to gain the upper hand through cultural, demographic, technological, generational, and economic change. I have mentioned before that the US currently has three political parties: Neoliberal Corporatists (with two factions, “moderate” Democrats and “moderate” Republicans), Trumpists, and social democrats (Sandernistas, AOC groupies, etc).

At present, the Trumpists represent “WASP America’s Last Stand,” i.e. the traditionally hegemonic WASP culture and the working to middle classes that emerged as a “post-bourgeois proletariat” with an upper-middle-class standard of living in the postwar era (basically, mid to late 20th-century suburbia). The Trumpists represent a collection of socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic groups that are sinking fast. They know they are sinking and are trying to go down fighting. Hence, their pitiful embrace of a peep show carnival-barker like Trump as their supposed messiah.

The right-wing plutocrats, war profiteers, right-wing Zionists, and remnants of the old bourgeoisie that comprise the leadership of the “conservative movement” have exploited the now-Trumpist demographic for decades, even while these sectors have continued to lose on every political, cultural, and economic front. Interestingly, some “conservative” forces realize this will not be a politically viable strategy in the future and are now trying to form a “ruling class unity” party with the neoliberal Democrats. Hence, the Never Trumpers, the defection of leading neocons like Bolton, Will, and Kristol to MSNBCism, the Lincoln Project, efforts by some FAUX News commentators to distance themselves from Trumpism, with the parallel fracturing of “conservatives” between plutocratic apologists and faux populists, etc. The conservative and/or Republican defectors will constitute the future right-wing of the ruling class unity party.

Meanwhile, the Neoliberal Corporatist Democrats have been very successful at deflecting the social democrats while co-opting the elements of the cultural left that can be effectively incorporated into the totalitarian humanist paradigm. Hence, the Bidenists promise to select a “woman of color” for the vice-presidency (who will be the real president if Biden is elected because Biden is presently about as “presidential” as Paul von Hiddenberg in 1932), while at the same time successfully marginalizing the moderately social-democratic Sandernistas, putting forward the scamster Lizzie Warren as a faux progressive alternative, utterly demonizing and vilifying the moderately anti-imperialist Tulsi Gabbard, and rejecting even the most moderate social democratic reforms proposed by the economic left. Meanwhile, the totalitarian humanist ideology is being adopted by the rising ruling class tech-oligarch/financier/new clerisy sectors that are now both the leadership and core base of the Democratic Party through the embrace of critical theory-derived concepts like “white fragility” that do not challenge state, corporate, or imperialist institutions in any significant way whatsoever.

In the future, the Democrats will become a one-party state built around the principle of ruling class unity (although fragmented contentiousness among the ruling class will obviously continue), with the GOP likely existing as a regionalized, tokenized opposition party, and the “Left” constituting a loud-mouthed but thoroughly co-opted force. “Left vs Right” debates in the future will amount to MSNBC and CNN liberal-centrists constituting the “right” with social democrats constituting an impotent “left” opposition that is constantly vilified for their impatience, immaturity, etc. while the GOP “right” opposition will be about as significant as Alex Jones or the televangelists at present.

A favorite tactic of 1930s Stalinists was to denounce any and all opponents, including those on the far left, as “fascists.” Social democrats were denounced as “social fascists,” Trotskyites as “Trotskyite fascists,” and anarcho-syndicalists as “anarcho-fascists.” It is interesting to note that center-left figures like Jill Stein, Tusli Gabbard, Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, and even Bernie Sanders have been denounced as Russian assets (with Russia supposedly being a far-right fascist regime), fascists (because some of these figures have right-wing sympathizers), or as reactionaries (because of, for example, Gabbard’s and Williamson’ religious beliefs, or Williamson’s and Stein’s supposed sympathy for the anti-vaxxers). This kind of rhetoric will be extended to all sectors of the left, right, and center that the totalitarian humanist ruling class and new clerisy opposes or rejects for tactical reasons. Antifa, an-coms, Marxist-Leninists, Greens, social democrats, left-liberals, and antiwar activists are just a likely to be denounced as fascist, racist, sexist, Russian and/or Chinese assets as Republicans, FAUX News conservatives, Trumpists, Christian evangelicals, right-libertarians, three percenters, Proud Boys, or boogaloos. Some center-left professional “anti-hate” organizations and “national security” think tanks alike have attacked eco-radicals, anarchists, communists, and black nationalists along with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. William Barr’s initiative targeting both Antifa and the boogaloos will be continued by a future ruling class unity/consolidated totalitarian humanist regime.

Ironically, Trump is now putting the final touches on the federal police state that will allow the totalitarian humanists to indeed “defund the police,” only to replace local law enforcement with Scandinavian-style social worker cops that are a mere front for the federal alphabet soup agencies.

By Charles Kaiser

Standoff, by Washington insider Bill Schneider, is an amalgam of political factoids and deeply conventional wisdom about Democrats and Republicans. Some of it is annoying, none of it is surprising and the author is prone to some rather dubious pronouncements.

It’s Time to Fight Dirty, by political scientist David Faris, is the polar opposite: a bracing polemic with brutally accurate judgments, offering a series of dramatic steps the author thinks are necessary to right the American ship of state, lest it follows the Titanic to the bottom of the sea.

Two passages give a good idea of the sharply different approaches. Schneider, a journalist, academic and thinktanker, writes that the “basic difference” between the two major parties is: “Republicans believe that economic growth is sufficient. If the economy is growing, people can solve their own problems. Government should just get out of the way. Democrats believe economic growth is necessary but not sufficient. Government has to provide a safety net.”

Compare that to Faris: Donald Trump “is merely a symptom of the long march into the ideological wilderness of the party he captured, which has proven … to be almost utterly devoid of public spirit and respect for democratic traditions … The real danger is that the GOP will succeed in tearing down American democracy and building, in its place, a hybrid regime that looks like a democracy but in fact is nothing more than a vehicle for wealthy, white Americans to enrich themselves at our expense while subjecting the rest of us to a grinding nightmare of insecurity, poverty, climate change, and discrimination”.


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