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Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast – Black Intellectual Roundtable

This is a great discussion.

0:06 Bret opening and introducing the panel 5:20 Each panel member briefly assessing the current state of the country ———- 5:20 Glenn Loury ———- 6:40 John L Wood ———- 8:38 Coleman Hughes ———- 11:35 Thomas Chatterton Williams ———- 13:43 John McWhorter ———- 17:06 Chloe Valdary ———- 20:05 Kmele Foster 22:35 Bret “Race is central + a distraction” ———- 23:25 “Absence of leaders” + “Steer the ship into the storm” 25:41 Glenn “Welfare, Affirmative Action, Crime” ———- 28:02 Bret hypothesis economic disparity is the root ———- 28:37 Glenn counters (“patronizing”) ———- 28:53 Bret counters (Native American + Black history is unique) 30:11 John McWhorter “Cultural Issue” from 1960-1980 32:18 John L Wood history on 1960s-1980s and Black Culture 39:12 Brett “Personal responsibility vs Systemic Causes” 41:48 Coleman Hughes Black homicide rates and how to fix crime disparities 45:58 Thomas CW on reparations 47:53 Chloe on reparations + mass incarceration ———- 50:53 Thomas CW interjects on white poverty + class issues ———- 51:55 Glenn Loury counters reparations ———- 52:57 Chloe counter with Japanese Americans ———- 53:30 Kmele counters on reparations 55:00 Kmele on Black Culture vs Structural Problems 56:10 John L Wood “The interactions between culture + structure” // the change in white attitudes 1:00:08 Kmele “Particular pathologies exist in all manner of groups” ———- 1:01:58 Bret “is a remedy justified + is reparations the correct remedy” ? 1:03:06 Bret “hoarding opportunity” ———- 1:03:38 Chloe “whiteness” + scarcity rectification ———- 1:04:58 Bret “artificial bad luck” + opportunity ———- 1:06:11 Glenn inequality of opportunity + indicting successful groups ———- 1:07:08 Bret counters the “villains are self defining” ———- 1:08:23 John McWhorter “a noble victim complex” // Nikole Hannah Jones “The battle is still on” 1:11:00 Chloe Nuanced conversations are still happening, thoughts? 1:12:52 John L Wood America has become less racists should set the stage for future progress ———- 1:15:27 Glenn “Ethnicity without Roots” book recommendation // the press and universities are critical ———- 1:17:11 Bret intellectual conversation + a shareable format 1:18:09 Coleman “I’m not convinced of (opportunity hoarding)” ———- 1:18:33 Bret counters lineage vs reciprocity ———- 1:21:18 Coleman Are they race or class issues? ———- 1:22:11 Bret counters Jews are a diaspora nation comparison ———- 1:24:17 Coleman counters “70% of blacks polls say theyre doing better than their parents” ———- 1:25:08 John McWhorter Every summer black boys start killing each other ———- 1:26:12 Bret “There has to be something to shoot for” ———- 1:27:20 Kmele “Is there not a sufficient meritocratic system in place?”// “You can obtain some of that upward mobility” 1:29:11 Brett Individual success vs population success // Bad Luck is not evenly distributed ———- 1:31:15 Chloe “What is the piece of legislation that is going to effectively change bad luck?” ———- 1:31:44 Bret Story of being on a subway in Harlem // massive investment in the black communities ———- 1:33:37 Thomas CW White Italians comparison “We have find a language that doesn’t allude the problem by this kind of hocus pocus talk of race” ———- 1:34:20 Bret counters // 1:34:39 Thomas CW agrees ———- 1:34:41 Glenn “(These problems) are not intrinsically racial, but they are in their manifestation de facto often racial” ———- 1:35:04 John McWhorter “If the culture is such that school is seen as alien, the problem is not solved (by money)” ———- 1:35:59 Bret counters ———- 1:36:25 Kmele Black schools: greater competition, greater choice, and innovation (School choice discussed) 1:38:43 Kmele “It’s the practical mantras, it’s the simple slogans”… that will solve the broader issues ———- 1:40:05 Bret counters “I’m concerned we’re about to un-invent America” ———- 1:40:29 Glenn The contrast of Policing and Education ———- 1:41:34 Brett asks for Clarification, Glenn “The failure of conventional public educational services being provided to black people” 1:42:04 Brett The issue of a bipartisan country ———- 1:42:48 Glenn counters ———- 1:42:58 Bret The democratic party and anti-racism ———- 1:43:30 Thomas CW “It’s more complicated than white vs black” ———- 1:43:43 Bret counters ———- 1:44:10 Kmele counters (Poor whites) ———- 1:44:23 Bret counters ———- 1:44:44 Kmele Most people don’t have a very good sense of what works ———- 1:46:13 Bret counters The corruption is causing the problem ( 1:46:59 Glenn time reminder) ( 1:47:12 *a correction from John McWhorter) ( 1:47:18 Bret decides what to do with the time left) 1:47:30 Chloe Disagrees that the corruption is entirely “Top down” 1:48:09 John L Wood Dr. King challenged all sides 1:49:05 Thomas CW We’re still segregated in equality 1:49:36 Coleman “It’s a problem of perception” not another root cause ———- 1:51:00 Bret Root cause or Failure mode ? ———- 1:51:40 Glenn defends Coleman ———- 1:52:35 John McWhorter agrees “This question is not primarily about resources… “ ———- 1:53:41 Bret responds to “Shut down STEM” 1:54:18 Bret Wraps up and admonishes the group “Restore our ability to think without conflicts of interest” ———- 1:55:21 Kmele “Leaderless political movements” 1:56:10 Ending thoughts. Neither Biden nor Trump is the solution, “rise above politics in Unity”

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