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Coming Economic Crash Will be WORSE Than Great Depression

A couple of years ago, a long time ATS reader suggested to me that in the future the basis of class struggle in the US would not be about wages, hours, and conditions as it was with the historic labor movement, but that it would instead be about homelessness among the unemployed, low-wage, part-time, gray/black market, and gig economy workers. He may have been right. Back in the early 2000s, Kevin Carson suggested that reparations should be based not only on historic race oppression but also historic class (and contemporary) oppression and that reparations should simply assume the form of abolishing or canceling rents and mortgages. Ricard Wolff, a Marxist economist, is an excellent economic analyst but his recycled Rooseveltian outlook is lame and archaic. Also, his comparison with the Trumpist vs Sandernista rivalry with the Nazi vs. Communist rivalry in Weimar is way overblown and based on a misunderstanding of what actually happened to Weimar.

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  1. Wolff’s solution is to expand in the managerial class and progressive era polices. More of the same, but this time even bigger! Classic.

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