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Interview: Aleksey Bashtavenko on Russia

Todd Lewis is joined by Keith Preston to interview Aleksey Bashtavenko, a Russian expatriate about his thoughts on Russia and global politics.

A great critique of American culture and politics is contained in this, along with an examination of the retrograde character of Bolshevism and a debunking of the view held by many on the Western far-right and far-left that Russia is any kind of viable alternative.  Neither Russophilia nor Russophobia.


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  1. Really really great interview!

    As an American who has travel the world quite a bit, your conversation has helped me understand why I always felt different: Unmolded clay, ready to be possessed.

  2. Russia and the regions formerly under its control during Czarist and Soviet eras represent a unique civilizational space in its own right, with deep connections to both Europe and Asia alike. Neocon/Zionist sponsored Russophobia is another con job to distract the American public from what is happening domestically.

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