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Interview: Aleksey Bashtavenko on Russia

Todd Lewis is joined by Keith Preston to interview Aleksey Bashtavenko, a Russian expatriate about his thoughts on Russia and global politics. A great critique of American culture and politics is contained in this, along with an examination of the retrograde character of Bolshevism and a debunking of […]

Why Russia is Shrinking Fast

As I have said many times, Western political dissidents need to reject both Russophobia and Russophilia. Russia is a nation with the GDP of South Korea, a mere backwater province in the global capitalist empire. Russia only has one export product, petroleum, which the Western ruling classes covet […]

Who Cares About Russia?

The Russian Bear is the Wizard of Oz, and Putin is the man behind the curtain. The Russophilia of the far left/far right and the Russophobia of the center left/center right is pathetic. My own geopolitical outlook is more like that of the classical anarchists of the late […]