Putin Approves First Covid-19 Vaccine Even as Trials Continue 1

If this turns out to be legitimate, the neocons and neoliberals will be crying and the alt-right and commie Russophiles will be jerking off with excitement.

By Jake Rudnitsky and Ilya Arkhipov


(Bloomberg) — President Vladimir Putin said Russia cleared the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine for use and hopes to begin mass inoculation soon, even before clinical testing has finished.

“The first registration has taken place,” Putin said Tuesday at a televised government meeting, adding that one of his daughters has already been given the vaccine. “I hope that we can soon begin mass production.”

The move clears the way for widespread use of the vaccine among Russia’s population, with production starting next month, although it may take until January to complete trials. Medical workers could begin receiving the drug by the end of the month, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at the meeting.


One comment

  1. This is clearly risky, but I have believed for months that this may end up being a risk worth taking. At some point, the risk of FAILING to use a given vaccine will exceed the risk of USING a given vaccine.

    People are dying. Eventually, science will know if many of today’s experimental vaccines are effective, or not effective, or potentially even dangerous. But at that point, we will realize that if we had begun to use “Vaccine X” at some prior date, lives would have been saved.

    One solution is to give these vaccines to volunteers, presumably young and healthy people. Possibly “challenge trials”, where they are deliberately infected with COVID-19 virus at some time after the vaccination.

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