American Decline

Will the Right-Wing Launch a Counter-Offensive?

This article, by no less than leading fourth-generation warfare theorist and paleoconservative strategist Bill Lind, is a perfect example of why I have been telling the Left that making every problem into a cultural/racial/tribal civil war is a remarkably bad idea. Some people on the cultural right are instinctive authoritarians who will “back the blue no matter what they do” but others are lumpen and working-class folks who have had run-ins with the pigs of their own, and are suspicious of the state and the capitalist class for a range of reasons. It is a tactically horrible idea to push these sectors toward reaction. I don’t think that would turn out well for the Left (or for any of the groups the Left claims to represent) in the long run. Learn the lesson of the Spanish Civil War where burning churches and shooting priests only fueled Franco’s forces.

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

The Left’s seeming triumph is a momentary affair. In fact, with idiocy such as abolishing the police it is discrediting itself massively. But conservatives are frustrated. They want to strike back but aren’t sure how. Here are a few ideas that might help.

First, before we strike back at anyone we need to know who the enemy is. It is not black people. They are just tools being used by the real enemy. Who are they? The cultural Marxists, the purveyors of political correctness, multiculturalism, and white guilt. Just like the economic Marxists who ruled the Soviet Union, they are ideologues who want to establish a totalitarian state based on their ideology. They couldn’t care less about the blacks they use, damage, and then discard.


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