Fourth Generation Warfare

How to Abolish the Police: Lessons from Rojava

In the last week, we have seen another horrific case of police brutality emerge in the United States with the senseless murder of George Floyd. Following inadequate police response public outrage ensued as the four police officers responsible were only ‘fired’ without further consequence. Mass riots and protests occurred across multiple cities, and continue to occur. The common cry of the oppressed has revolved around the idea of “no justice no peace”. This phenomenon raises the essential question of how a system deeply entrenched in a bloody history founded on white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism ever provide true and meaningful justice? Some call for police reforms. Others have called for redistribution of funds. Some have argued that abolishing the police is the best option. Many, even on the Left cannot imagine such a system ever being viable.


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  1. The trouble with this though is first the kurds as you once pointed out are bordeline “fascists” or would be considered that in all liklihood. Secondly when we have armed citizens men (or woman…i can easily find some photos on facebook/instagram if given time and its worht poiting out the womn are doing this there according to the article because the men are away) doing this the woke crowd/karens/liberal normies consider this borderline fascists/racist/tryanical/dangerous. Plenty of these woke people were outraged at the michigan cpaitol where people were carrying around guns a few weeks. Also we do have people controlling the streets and the woke crowd/media doesn’t like many of them.

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