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Sticking It to the Man

By the Libertarian Heathen

We cannot stop at Confederate Monuments like the one Commissar Lenny Curry removed in Jacksonville!

We need to demolish the Pyramids. They were built by slaves. Hebrew slaves too, so they also represent anti-semitism.

They fed slaves to lions in the coliseum in Rome. Tear it down.

William Wallace, Braveheart…. he was held in the palace in England and murdered. As a Scottish American, this offends me. Tear down Buckingham Palace.

Slaves built the White House and probably the capitol. Slave owners lived there too. Tear em down.


Abe Lincoln was racist, that memorial must go.

Everyone on Mt. Rushmore was racist. Dynamite the faces off.

The Union army and our armies in WW-1, WW-2, and Korea were segregated. Horrible. All memorials to those must go.

We must dig up Arlington Cemetery and bulldoze it and plant roses in the shape of a black fist to right this wrong.

Jews call themselves the chosen people, racist, and Muslims oppress gays. We must destroy Mecca and the Temple mount in Jerusalem.

Also, the Catholics had the inquisition, the Sistine Chapel gets the bulldozer. Just save some of the art and stick it in a museum.

The indians had slavery too, time to cover up those cave paintings and raze those burial mounds.

The Alamo is a symbol of oppressing Mexicans, tear it down.

Come on guys, lets really stick it to the man!

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