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A New Form of Accelerationism

What I find most interesting about mainstream media coverage of the uprising is the constant focus on either race/ethnicity or left/right extremist groups. And I’ve seen just as much of this is the fringe media as well, which leads me to think I was probably correct to suspect much of the fringe political scene to be controlled opposition, from NGO and university-funded “social justice” activists and Antifa groups, to FBI-operated KKK groups. With rare exceptions, the things that seem to be missing from most media coverage are class and state. I have yet to hear anyone say “Defund the FBI, BATF, and DEA,” much less the CIA, and I have yet to hear anyone demand that the Rockefeller or Ford Foundations or the Carnegie Institutes change their names. Hmm.

By Troy Southgate

News that skinheads, punks and scooterists are being removed from Facebook seems bizarre, given that all three categories are primarily anti-racist. Skinheads originally gathered around the ska and rocksteady music that was being imported from Jamaica to England in the 1960s; punks have always staged openly anti-fascist events and festivals; and scooterists were organising rallies at which ska and northern soul acts would perform back in the 1990s. Although this seems like some kind of adminstrative error, where someone is completely out of touch with the origins of English sub-culture and its wider influence abroad, I believe there is a far darker motive behind this worrying development.

At a time when the United States is busy presenting Antifa as a viable alternative to the System, mopping up all other resistance movements in the process, it seems that anything which threatens to prevent the Controlled Left from manipulating the minds of young people must be marginalised and especially if it involves social categorisations which promote forms of music and fashion that come from a time when people had more of an ability to think and act for themselves.

We saw a similar thing happen in the 1990s, when the revival of metal and goth music, themselves regarded as dangerously ‘exclusive’ in the sense that they primarily appeal to people with lighter skin, led to the Establishment either calling for the bands to become more ‘diverse’ or steering young people towards the comparatively more conformist and mainstream chav genre.

And now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century and concerned by the fact that teenagers on social media are not following the global agenda as closely as they would like, perhaps even that many skinheads, punks and scooterists reject politics altogether, the powers-that-be are seeking to extinguish the lingering remnants of identity, self-exploration and outsiderism, even prepared to haul down the icononic platforms of those who were making their own stand against racism many years earlier. In short, what we are witnessing now is a form of accelerationism that will allow the System to remove the final obstacles of authentic resistance and present Antifa as a new epicentre of youth rebellion. As Lenin once said: ‘Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.’

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