The Disappeared

Current faux Sinophobic rhetoric aside, China is just a province in global capitalism, a loan and labor mine for Western governments and corporations, and a test market in state repression. Far too many Western radicals promote China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc. as model societies or as alternatives to the Empire. No, they are merely exotic Klingon territories (from a Western perspective) that function as occasionally rebellious provinces in the Empire. The imperial overlords hate them because, unlike the other 3/4 of the world’s nations, they have not been fully consolidated into the Empire in terms of political control, i.e. there are no US military bases in their countries, their domestic economies are not fully under the control of US corporations or global bankers,  or because their nuclear weapons make them immune to invasion.

By Zach Dorfman

Foreign Policy

Before he disappeared from his luxury apartment at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong on Jan. 27, 2017, Xiao Jianhua, a Chinese-Canadian billionaire, favored female bodyguards. Why, exactly, was unclear: Perhaps he simply liked being surrounded by women; perhaps he trusted them more than men.

Whatever the reason, those guards weren’t much help when a group of mysterious men showed up at his apartment that January day and took him away. According to anonymous sources who viewed the hotel’s internal video feed and later spoke to the New York Times, Xiao, who may have been sedated, was rolled through the Four Seasons lobby in a wheelchair, a sheet covering his head. He was then reportedly loaded onto a boat and ferried to the Chinese mainland.


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