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Tucker: The Cultural Revolution has come to America

On one hand, Carlson is correct that there is a dangerous totalitarian element on the margins of the insurrection, and that such elements are motivated by the ambition of riding the wave of a popular rebellion to power, only to set up a tyrannical state of their own (which defines most of the history of Communism). He is also correct that “totalitarian humanism” in its most extreme forms resembles the Maoist self-criticism concept (in fact, I have argued that it is partially derived from Maoism). But such things only exist on the margins at present, and guys like Carlson overstate their presence, just as liberal and left opinion grossly overstates the influence of white nationalists or “the Russians.”

The interesting thing that is happening right now is the co-option of the insurrection by the state and capitalism, and the fact that so many corporate and state-affiliated entities and individuals are rushing to show their wokeness. The rebellion against the police state is real and long overdue, but the strategy that has been adopted by the dominant factions of the ruling class (the Deep State-financier-tech oligarch-new clerisy axis) is co-optation rather than suppression, which is why they are treating Trump like the crazy uncle that is (literally) in the basement at this point.  Very shrewd. The resilience of capitalism that has been pointed out by serious leftists like Marx and Chomsky is demonstrated once again.

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