Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots

Regrettably, wars produce casualties.

The present situation is not yet a conventional civil war, but it is more than simply a series of riots or a crime wave. It is a genuine insurrection, albeit one that is largely spontaneous, decentralized, and uncoordinated which is both an advantage and a disadvantage from a revolutionary perspective. It is an advantage because of its mobility, flexibility, and adaptability, but a disadvantage because there is no mechanized apparatus in place to prevent an opportunistic seizure of power in the event of a power vacuum.

Regrettably, “radicals” in North America did not listen to ATS over the past 20 years and are therefore extremely vulnerable in this area.

What we are witnessing is low-intensity fourth-generation warfare (high intensity would be something more like ISIS with medium intensity being what is presently happening in Mexico).

Tucker Carlson is perfectly legitimate in memorializing the roll call of casualties on what he considers to be his own “side” just as the insurrectionists are perfectly legitimate in memorializing the list of casualties on their “side.” That’s how war works.



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