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Protests against police violence sweep across small-town America

The Popo seriously fucked up this time. Even the deep red zones are turning against the police state, which is actually not surprising because a lot of those places include radicalized gun owners who are distrustful of law enforcement. Many people in these areas have been victimized by the war on drugs. They’re also often more racially integrated than what many Blue Tribers would think.

It’s hard to tell what public opinion really is on this stuff. On one hand, 54% supported burning the Minneapolis police precinct. On the other hand, 58% favor using military to suppress rioting/looting.

By Brian Munoz and Mica Rosenberg


ANNA, Illinois/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Before sundown on Thursday around 150 protesters marched down the main street in Anna, Illinois, past Bob’s Tavern, Oasis of Grace Church, Douglas Skating Rink and Casey’s General Store holding homemade signs and chanting “black lives matter.”


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