Christian Evangelicals Dying at Alarming Rate of Corona 4

One thing that Marxist-Leninist fundamentalist Jason Unruhe regrettably ignores in this commentary is that Christian evangelicals tend to be disproportionately concentrated among the poor and working-class (including both whites and minorities) and are therefore the people most likely to be in “essential jobs” and less able to practice social distancing. Even if they are not in service industries like healthcare, grocery stores, and superstores, they are often workers who still regularly visit public restrooms, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. during the course of the workday, or who are still exposed to co-workers in warehouses or delivery centers, rather than simply working in their living room from a laptop. Also, a lot of poor households have less physical space but more people living there. Yes, a lot of clerics are hucksters, but tighten your supposed class consciousness, Jason.


  1. I can’t wait to see this hideous (((Conservative Evangelical Christian))) culture & the 1950s Judeo-Christian USA shithole burn into the ground for good riddance alongside the illiberal Fake Left Woke Identity Politicians & the Centrist Neoliberal Power Elite. We badly need a new real authentic Far Left. I totally agree with you, Keith Preston, that we need a new authentic far left right NOW, & it seems like I need to start doing my activism both online & in the real world as well. PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, & let’s start setting as many Autonomous Zones as possible.

  2. I appreciate your focus on class Keith. As someone who grew up amongst poorer Evangelicals I can attest that the VAST majority are not pushy or even very ideological. Just trying to live and survive like the rest of us. In fact, a lot of them are more ‘woke’ than the secular cosmopolitan type. Lots of ‘mission trips’ to the poorest areas of the world, donations to food banks in Africa, homeless shelter volunteer work. No preaching, just helping, most the time.

    Sort of how Mormons and Mennonite believe goofy shit, but it translates into some of the nicest people doing some of the dirtiest work with poor. Of course, the their own managerial class maybe be manipulating them, but so is ours!

    • Thats very true regarding Mormons & Mennonites, who are very nice people compared to the EVIL (((Fundamentalist Christian Zionist))) scum who only listen to the (((Televangelism))) Mind control & equally brainwashing (((Conservative News Media Outlets))). Pretty surprising since I came from a now diverse family tgat waa originally LDS.

    • “In fact, a lot of them are more ‘woke’ than the secular cosmopolitan type. Lots of ‘mission trips’ to the poorest areas of the world, donations to food banks in Africa, homeless shelter volunteer work. No preaching, just helping, most the time.”

      I agree whole hardheartedly with this sentiment. For all the talk that gets thrown about christian evangelicals being racists/nativists a lot of them are internally and action wise are much more “woke” then a lot of the elites. Ayn rand said american business are the most persecuted minority but I actually think that conservative evagnelicals are. IF you take a conference of cavlinist preachers they almost always try to have a black guy there including the southern baptists. Look at this old panel from Liognier ministires run by RC sproul. If diversity matters then why don’t they get credit for it as well?
      On the topic of gay marriage the question is not are we going to put the gays in jail, rather, are we going to prosecute hate speech laws which alreadly occur in Europe. Abortion is a complicated issue which plenty of liberal minded people will make the case against and again, evangelicals have all lost on as well. I don’t understand why there is so much hatred to this group.

      This is even leaving out the progressive or liberal christian churches who are outright woke/liberal. Even most conservative protestant churches have a “liberal” or woke constituency within them. I don’t understand the hatred toward conservative evangelicals. THe US is founded by people like this including jonathon edwards and roger williams.

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