America is the 1% 4

I consider Maoism to be the Eastern world’s version of Nazism (with ordinary Marxism-Leninism being more like Eastern fascism). But the Maoist critique of international relations, both geopolitically and socioeconomically, is correct. I could almost be an “anarcho-Maoist,” lol. In fact, I generally agree with the geopolitical analysis that was developed by the Shining Path in the 1970s and 1980s, which amount to support for global anti-imperialist struggle, rejecting all existing states, and with an emphasis on indigenous people (they developed their own “Inca-Maoist” stance for Peru). Of all the current anarchist tendencies, I’d say N-AM is the one that comes the closest to such an outlook.

Where the Shining Path went wrong was with their Maoist fundamentalism, standard M-L statism and vanguard partyism, and Manson-like extreme terrorism.

The only caveat that I would add to what Jason Unruhe says in this video is that class relations in the US have been deteriorating for decades,  with parts of the US now resembling the class structures of Latin America (primarily California and the Rust Belt), a process that has been exacerbated by the 2008 recession and, now,  by the COVID-19 shutdowns.


Christian Evangelicals Dying at Alarming Rate of Corona 22

One thing that Marxist-Leninist fundamentalist Jason Unruhe regrettably ignores in this commentary is that Christian evangelicals tend to be disproportionately concentrated among the poor and working-class (including both whites and minorities) and are therefore the people most likely to be in “essential jobs” and less able to practice social distancing. Even if they are not in service industries like healthcare, grocery stores, and superstores, they are often workers who still regularly visit public restrooms, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. during the course of the workday, or who are still exposed to co-workers in warehouses or delivery centers, rather than simply working in their living room from a laptop. Also, a lot of poor households have less physical space but more people living there. Yes, a lot of clerics are hucksters, but tighten your supposed class consciousness, Jason.