There Are No Libertarians in an Epidemic

I used to know a Vietnam War combat veteran who would say, “Yes, I was an atheist in a foxhole.” Someday I will have to write a piece called “Yes, I was an anarchist during a pandemic.” Given that most people regard Libertarians as the “Republican Throwaway Party” (a label that is often not unfair) it’s no wonder libertarians are so disliked. Libertarians are probably only about 5% of the US population even by the most generous estimate (using the “economically conservative, socially liberal” label).

Conventional libertarian economics always ends up getting co-opted by the Republicans (“socialism for the rich, market discipline for everyone else”), and many libertarians are more than happy to play along with that (“Wal-Mart Uber Alles”). Regrettably, those libertarians who are not Republican bootlickers often go the other way and become a parody of left-wing anarchism. I’ve often said the left-anarchists are a parody of what Rush Limbaugh would imagine the Democrats to be, and “left-libertarians” (like the C4SS crowd) are a parody of left-anarchism.

Whatever else could be said about Kevin Carson’s SJWish loopiness, his basic economic paradigm is correct, i.e. attacking the state means recognizing the way in which the state creates a socioeconomic ruling class, and establishes concentrations of economic power that generate the economic conditions that socialists criticize (which is merely the historic anarchist position).

By Peter Nicholas

The Atlantic

“America vs. Socialism” was the theme of the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, though as fights go this one was pretty one-sided. An anti-socialist message thrummed through the halls while the crowds celebrated free-market capitalism over $4 cups of coffee and $20 chicken-salad sandwiches wrapped in cellophane.

As the panelists likened socialism to a disease, an actual disease, the coronavirus, shadowed the gathering. One participant would later test positive for the pathogen, touching off a scramble that sent four lawmakers (and counting) who attended into precautionary self-quarantine.


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