I’m Not Voting for Evil, and Millions of Americans Won’t Either

I’m glad to see that anti-voting sympathies are rising on the Left.

By Beatrice Phi


At the ballot box in November, Americans will have to choose between Donald Trump — the Republican incumbent — and “not Donald Trump,” the Democratic challenger. Despite the fact that they overwhelmingly voted for our former vice president in their primary, the Democrats are afraid of running the actual Joe Biden against Donald Trump: a Wall Street lackey with an unsavory record in the Senate and Tara Reade’s claims of sexual assault. Although they’re probably right that Joe Biden is marginally better than Donald Trump — a comparison that gets hazier with every new headline — the Democrats have utterly failed in salvaging some greater appeal that Joe Biden has. Just like how the Republican Party gritted their teeth as they fell in line behind Donald Trump in 2016, the Democratic Party’s best candidate in 2020 is someone who struggles to even clear the bare minimum and is wholly undeserving of the Oval Office relative to his qualified and charismatic competitors. In other words, all our democracy has to offer voters is two commensurable evils, and our job come November is to vote for the candidate with the least amount of sexual assault allegations; now that is what I call democracy!


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