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Why Elizabeth Warren, Democrats are changing tune on MeToo

#Metoo was never anything more than a  media/corporate/Democratic Party-fueled “satanic panic” that was used to advance the interests of the left-wing of capitalism, the Democratic Party, and cultural war tribalism.  Sexual assault is a real issue and involves real crimes of aggression, but one that was merely exploited by #Metoo. The Tara Reade case shows that the #Metoo pushers were scam artists.

I tend to suspect the accusations against Biden are true. I don’t know much about the accusations of this kind against Trump, but I suspect at least some of them are true because there have been so many of them, and it just sounds like something he would do. I was more skeptical of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. As for Bill Clinton…

D.C. Bureau Chief of The Intercept Ryan Grim shares the backlash he’s received in response to Tara Reade, and weighs in on Elizabeth Warren’s statement that Biden’s denial to the claims are, “credible and convincing.”

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